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What the Bible says about "WHY CHRIST DIED" Atonement [PDF articles].

Thought of the Month: "A terrible and shocking thing has happened in the land of Judah: The prophets speak lies, and the priests take power into their own hands, and my people love it this way. But what will you do when the end comes?" Jeremiah 5:30-31

We do not want to be caught "loving it that way", we want to love holiness (which is not natural, but spiritually provided).  The end is coming soon, we can see that all around us - it may not be in our short lifetime, but we must live expecting the end of this world in our lifetime.

Living more holy?

What is His Gate going to be about? ...

This website will become an online resource focusing on self-development for your eternal future.  We all need encouragement, assistance, and resources.  Working people will be presenting experiences as we all learn.

The Internet provides incredible technology to spread information, search engines are making it easier to find it all, but we all have to spend a lot of time checking it out and deciding if the information is worth viewing.

Here will be an independent service providing Reviews, Analysis, and general commentary on sources of learning and enrichment for our daily lives that will help us get ready for eternity.

This domain name was activated November 15th, 2006; Send email to help @ hisgate.com if you'd like to make comments.



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